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Welcome to the Church of Christ the Cornerstone where five denominations work together, sharing the same space and a commitment to serve the people of Milton Keynes. We are a diverse community discovering and growing in the Christian faith. We experience God's love and are challenged to live that love and share it with the wider community.

The Church and chapel are open seven days a week for private prayer and public worship.

Prayer of the Week 25 September 2016

Heavenly Father, give us a spirit of contentment and peace,
that we may enjoy who we are and what we have.
Help us not only to appreciate what you have given us,
but to be gracious and generous to others.
May we play our part in seeing that the world’s goods
be neither hoarded nor squandered,
but used for the benefit of all;
through Jesus Christ our Lord


Prayer of the Week 18 September 2016

Beloved God, we pray for all who face hunger this day
and do not have the luxury of eating before praying.
We pray for all who work this day to make the world
a bit less unequal and to enable those who hunger
to escape from the injustice they face.


Prayer of the Week 11 September 2016

O God, we pray for all those in our world who are suffering from injustice;
for those who are discriminated against because of their race, colour or religion;
for those imprisoned for working for the relief of oppression;
for those who are hounded for speaking the inconvenient truth;
for those tempted to violence as a cry against overwhelming hardship;
for those deprived of reasonable health and education;
for those suffering from hunger and famine;
for those too weak to help themselves.



Bishop David Jenkins 1925–2016

Bishop David Jenkins, who died this week, came to the Church of Christ the Cornerstone during 1990s for the annual lecture in the series ‘Theology for Today’.
He was a 20th century man with a 21st century way of believing and as such was a godsend to newspaper editors and fundamentalist Christians. He was an easy target for bigots.
As with all of us, Bishop David was much more than that which others said of him. For me David Jenkins was a breath of fresh air, a Bishop who did not need to hide behind clever words, finely rehearsed speeches or archaic theology. He did not pussyfoot before those with political clout.
One reason why he, as a Bishop, was mistrusted by much of the establishment was that he was far too close to ordinary people. All establishments prefer bishops and the like to be set apart, somewhat remote, so that the boat of life glides rather than rocks. Although a somewhat shy person, he was much more of a boat rocker than a glider.
David Moore