The Church of Christ the Cornerstone

Welcome to the Church of Christ the Cornerstone where five denominations work together, sharing the same space and a commitment to serve the people of Milton Keynes. We are a diverse community discovering and growing in the Christian faith. We experience God’s love and are challenged to live that love and share it with the wider community.
The Church and Chapel are open seven days a week for private prayer and public worship.

Prayer of the Week 16 September 2018

Heavenly Father, in whom we live and move and have our being,
open our hearts and minds to a sense of your presence
both in our worship and in our daily lives,
that we may glorify our Saviour, Jesus Christ.


Prayer of the Week 9 September 2018

Loving God, in Christ, you offer us a vision of a world transformed,
where all are valued, where your justice reigns,
where hearts are strangely warmed by your grace.
Open our hearts and minds that we may catch your vision,
and be empowered by your Holy Spirit to work with you,
that your will may be done on earth as it is in heaven


Prayer of the Week 2 September 2018

God our Father,
we thank you that we are no longer strangers to you,
but members together in the body of Christ.
Send your Holy Spirit to build up our unity,
inspire our worship, and lead us on
in the service of Jesus Christ, our Lord.


Prayer of the Week 26 August 2018

Living and Mighty God, we praise you
that not only are you our strength,
but you enable us to be strong together.
Thank you that you don’t want us to stand alone.
Together with you, and each other, we can do great things in your service.
We can be the people you want us to be.
Bless us all as we ask in your Son’s name.