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Welcome to the Church of Christ the Cornerstone where five denominations work together, sharing the same space and a commitment to serve the people of Milton Keynes. We are a diverse community discovering and growing in the Christian faith. We experience God's love and are challenged to live that love and share it with the wider community.

The Church and chapel are open seven days a week for private prayer and public worship.

Prayer of the Week 22 May 2016

God, we praise you
That you have made us your children,
And filled us with your Spirit.
We thank you that we can trust you with our lives
As you guide us forward, ever deeper into your truth.


Prayer of the Week Pentecost 15 May 2016

Spirit of God, come to us now,
so that, in this time of Pentecost,
the sparkling light of faith,
the rushing wind of hope
and the joyful sound of praise
may echo round the world,
may echo in the church, and find their response in us.


Prayer for Christian Aid Week 15–22 May 2016

O Saviour Christ,
in whose way of life lies the secret of all life
and the hopes of all the people,
we pray for quiet courage to meet this hour.
We did not choose to be born or to live in such an age.
but let its problems exhilarate us,
its injustice anger us,
its possibilities inspire us,
and its vigour renew us, for your Kingdom’s sake.


Prayer of the Week 8 May 2016

Risen and ascended God,
we know you and we do not know you;
you are mysterious and full of joy.
You know us and you understand us;
you are loving and full of truth.
You welcome us and you live in us;
you are holy and full of hope.
We look for you in each other;
we look for you in our midst.