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Welcome to the Church of Christ the Cornerstone where five denominations work together, sharing the same space and a commitment to serve the people of Milton Keynes. We are a diverse community discovering and growing in the Christian faith. We experience God's love and are challenged to live that love and share it with the wider community.

The Church and chapel are open seven days a week for private prayer and public worship.

Prayer of the Week 31 July 2016

All that we have comes from you, God.
All that we are belongs to you, God,
for you made us in your image,
you saved us from ourselves and
your faith in us overwhelms us.
Hear the sincerity of our praise
and the honesty of our devotion,
and bless us as we come to you.


Prayer of the Week 24 July 2016

Loving God
when we ask for things we do not need, or have no use for –
teach us simplicity;
when we seek to do good and fail in our endeavours –
keep us faithful;
when we knock at doors that shut in our face –
renew our strength to love and serve you,
at all times and in all places.


Prayer of the Week 17 July 2016

God our challenger and disturber,
help us to confront all that makes for death and despair
in our lives, our communities, our world.
May we never lose sight of the possibility of transformation,
and be continually surprised by people
who believe in one another.


Prayer of the Week 10 July 2016

God of heaven, infinite in wisdom and understanding;
God of all creation, without boundary or border;
God of tenderness, full of compassion and mercy;
God of love, drawing us close as neighbours
with love for each other;
draw us close,
for you are the life we have,
the breath we draw,
and the love we have to give.