Category: Prayer of the Week

Prayer of the Week Palm Sunday 5 April 2020

Healing God, as we prepare to worship you in our own homes,
we raise our palms and branches and shout together:
Hosanna to the Son of David!
We draw close to you humbly on this day that caused disturbance and disruption
just like our Lord who came to set us free and to change things for ever.
We too shout with joy: Hosanna to the one who comes in the name of the Lord.
Hosanna to the King who will surely save us!


Prayer of the Week 29 March 2020

God of new life, we give you thanks and praise today.
As we gather virtually in your name this week, may we know your resurrection power in our lives.
May our spirits be renewed, and our bodies be restored.
Let the same spirit that brought Lazarus out of the grave, and raised you to new life,
dwell in each one of us today and all the days of our lives.
We thank you immensely:
for your constant presence, for holding us and comforting us;
for crying with us when we are hurting; for weeping with us when we are broken-hearted.
Thank you, Lord, that you never let us down, but constantly give us hope.
We are here to give you our praise and thanksgiving from deep within us.

Prayer of the Week 22 March 2020 Mothering Sunday

Christ our Lord, you understand perfectly the joys of an earthly home and a mother.
Please accept our gratitude for all the love we have received in our homes
and especially from our mothers who gave birth to us and nurtured us.
Hear our prayers for mothers everywhere, that they may never lose heart
nor ever be taken for granted, but receive from their children
the honour and love you showed to your mother, Mary, even as you suffered on the cross.

Prayer of the Week 15 March 2020 Lent 3

O Lord, you found faith in unexpected people
and those scorned by the religious people of your time.
Help us to live in your church so close to those outside it,
that we may know and share true faith across borders.

Prayer of the Week 8 March 2020 Lent 2

As we gather in this sanctuary this morning,
let our hearts rejoice in the promise of eternal life.
Let us approach the throne of divine mercy to worship the living and loving God
as our ancestors have faithfully worshipped: in truth and in spirit.
And let us give thanks for everything today and all the days of our lives.

Prayer of the Week 1 March 2020 Lent 1

Heavenly Father,
your Son battled with the powers of darkness, and grew closer to you in the desert;
help us to use these days to grow in wisdom and prayer
that we may witness to your saving love in Jesus Christ our Lord.

Prayer of the Week 23 February 2020

Radiant God, source of light,
as you surrounded Jesus with your glory, so you come to us in penetrating brightness.
You catch us off guard and expose our weakness.
We choose the limelight while you call us to explore the shadows and brighten the darkness.
We seek the spectacular while you bind up the broken In countless acts of mercy.
We seek to stay on the mountain or in a comfortable pew while you walk to the valleys of need.
Radiant God,
fill us with light and courage to carry good news into all the corners of the world
and to bring back the joy of your presence.