Category: Prayer of the Week

Prayer of the Week 17 September 2017

We have come into your holiness because you have invited us.
We come joyfully into your presence because of the warmth of your welcome.
We come in penitence because of what we have done and said.
We come expectantly because you are the God who forgives.
We come into your holiness.


Prayer of the Week 10 September 2017

Thank you, loving God, that you are with us in community, and that, through your presence, we are strengthened by each other. Lord we are sorry that we keep your ways and your love to ourselves; that we do not challenge others when they stray from your ways; that we do not act as sentinels for your word in our community; that we fail to condemn what is wrong, and uphold what is right. Forgive us, and give us wisdom, strength and courage to be faithful guardians of your way in Jesus name


Prayer of the Week 3 September 2017

Receive us, gracious God, as we come with expectations, and with fears; with joys, and with sorrows; with faith, and with doubt. Receive us, challenge us; and grant us your peace this day as we worship and praise you together.


Prayer of the Week 27 August 2017

Creator God; we thank you for walking with us through the seasons of our lives; when it’s light and when it’s dark. By your Spirit, help us each day to lead lives that are pleasing to you and mindful of our neighbours in Jesus’ name


Prayer of the Week 20 August 2017

Heavenly Father, the source of all truth and love, keep us faithful to the teachings of Our Lord, that we may remain united in prayer and fellowship and one in joy and simplicity of heart.

Prayer of the Week 13 August 2017

God of all faithfulness, we thank you for meeting us in the ordinary things of life. You are there in the boat as we are tossed about by the storms of life. You reach out to us when we are at our lowest ebb. You call to us to step out in faith, beyond our own limitations and bring calm and peace when everything else in our lives is sinking. We can do no other than thank you for your goodness to us in Jesus’ name.

Prayer of the Week 6 August 2017

Generous God, you call us into the covenant you made of old, to be your people, faithful and true; to witness to the good news of Jesus Christ. We come to you now, in the knowledge that we will receive your love, experience your mercy, and share your peace with one another in Jesus name.


Prayer of the Week 30 July 2017

God knows all our thoughts, all the things we hope for, all the things we don’t like, all the people we love and who love us. God knows what is in our heart, and still God loves us –when we are good and when we do wrong, when we are caring, and when we are unkind. God knows what is in our heart. Thanks be to God.