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This is the place where you can hopefully find sermons and other reflections that have been part of Cornerstone worship. They may be in text form or podcasts. Comments on these when they appear will be welcome.

Lent 2017 Meditation 5

The Gift of Giving Lent Meditations by Revd Paul Le Sueur Lent 5 The Gift of Money This week we start with the task. Task Make a list of all the parables of Jesus you can think of that mention money. Make a list of incidents you can think of in the Gospels that mention money....

Lent 2017 Meditation 4

The Gift of Giving Lent Meditations by Revd Paul Le Sueur Lent 4 The Gift of Other People ‘Then the Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone; I shall make a partner suited to him.”’ Genesis 2: 18. Few would choose to be hermits. For our physical, mental and spiritual...

Lent 2017 Meditation 3

The Gift of Giving Lent Meditations by Revd Paul Le Sueur Lent 3 The Gift of Talents Eight American and two English clergy were asked to write down twelve things that they were good at. The Americans all finished long before the English. Had it been twelve things we were no good at, the result would...

Lent 2017 Meditation 2

The Gift of Giving Lent Meditations by Revd Paul Le Sueur Lent 2 Time for God There are 86,400 gifts that God gives us every day. Or 1440 gifts if you prefer minutes to seconds. Within that span, what can we ‘spare’ to give back to God? Suppose if someone said to you, ‘I have no...

Lent 2017 Meditation 1

The Gift of Giving Lent Meditations by Revd Paul Le Sueur Lent 1 The Gift of Giving – Introduction The slogan for Islam is ‘God is great,’ and that is true. God is greater than the Universe with its thousands of millions of planets, stars and galaxies. The very size of the Universe can seem intimidating...

Here is Heaven

Here is Heaven made amongst us
When in peace we dwell side by side.
From the blinding glare of blank canvas
Life, in colours of communal pride.
Home to many sons and daughters,
Myriad more have journeyed through,
Floating on the peaceful waters,
Centuries old, yet still brand new.

Here is Heaven in sunrise glory
Over flower, field and lake.
Here a beacon sings its story
And the thirst for knowledge slaked.
Here our champions train for battle,
First was born his mysterious ways.
Here first heard in lowly chapel
Story of Amazing Grace.

Here the splendour of Midsummer,
Here protection when days were dark.
Here have monarchs made their slumber,
Humbler citizens found their ark.
Here are singers and musicians
Finding worship in their art.
Here are progress and tradition,
Both find room in faithful hearts.

Here are people of many nations,
Diverse cultures in unity.
Each follows their heart’s vocation
And builds a true community.
Here we raise our joyful voices,
Heart and Music the other owns.
Soul and Spirit both rejoices;
Here is Heaven and heav’n is home.

Bishop David Jenkins 1925–2016

Bishop David Jenkins, who died this week, came to the Church of Christ the Cornerstone during 1990s for the annual lecture in the series ‘Theology for Today’.
He was a 20th century man with a 21st century way of believing and as such was a godsend to newspaper editors and fundamentalist Christians. He was an easy target for bigots.
As with all of us, Bishop David was much more than that which others said of him. For me David Jenkins was a breath of fresh air, a Bishop who did not need to hide behind clever words, finely rehearsed speeches or archaic theology. He did not pussyfoot before those with political clout.
One reason why he, as a Bishop, was mistrusted by much of the establishment was that he was far too close to ordinary people. All establishments prefer bishops and the like to be set apart, somewhat remote, so that the boat of life glides rather than rocks. Although a somewhat shy person, he was much more of a boat rocker than a glider.
David Moore