Category: Prayer of the Week

Prayer of the Week 20 December 2020

It’s been a year of disturbance without time or space to settle or rest. How to make a home for a Saviour in this awkward place? Lord, may we seek you in doorways or spots we know well. Keep us ready for discipleship, to go and to tell. Amen

Prayer of the Week 13 December 2020

This is the time for hope’s renewal.
We know Christ will bring righteousness  
as surely as flowers will come again in spring. 
Lord, we light candles to rage against the dark. 
Keep us fierce and faithful bringers of hope.

Prayer of the Week 6 December 2020

We could become comfortable in creation,
using up the bounty and the beauty God provides.
Our over-indulgence just feeds other’s poverty.
Lord, we hold your world in trust for your imminent arrival.
Keep us busy caring, sharing and preparing it to be fit for you.

Prayer of the Week 15 November 2020

God of all time, you made time and you entered time to be with us.
We move from ordinary time to extraordinary time, and in all this, we wait for you.
Keep our hearts aflame with the things that please you: mercy, humility, justice.
And as we turn to worship you, we worship you in time, in spirit and in truth.

Prayer of the Week 8 November 2020

Living God, you call us into a deeper relationship with you.
You hear the cry of the weak and you value each of us, whatever our circumstances.
We praise you for your abundant generosity, for your astonishing grace
and we give thanks that we are called to reflect those qualities in our own lives.
Remember us Lord as we remember those who have fought the good fight
and now rest in your love and peace.

Prayer of the Week 1 November 2020

Gracious God, we know that in coming towards you, you came towards us first.
You called us by name, bringing us deeper into you, into community, into love.
We thank you for this gift.
And now, we hold our hands humbly, offering you what we have,
knowing that you receive what we give, even when it is very little; in Jesus’ name.