Category: Prayer of the Week

Prayer of the Week 20 June 2021

Eternal God, we praise and adore you for all that you are:
for being bigger than even our biggest questions; for caring more than we can fully comprehend.
We praise and adore you for your strength and your silence; for your power and your peace.
We praise and adore you for being in control and yet not controlling; for being in the storms and beyond them.
We praise and adore you, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we praise you for ever.

Prayer of the Week 13 June 2021

God of grace and growth, you have called us to plant the seeds of your kingdom in the fields of your world,
and to trust you for their development and flourishing, and so we praise you.
We thank you for the abundance of your creativity, for the transforming nature of your Spirit,
for the power of small beginnings and for the mystery of hidden growth in Jesus’ name.

Prayer of the Week 6 June 2021

God of all the world, we praise you for calling us into your family, for choosing us even though we are imperfect, for trusting us even though we make mistakes, for not giving up on us even when we give up on ourselves, for offering so much more – even when we would settle for less....

Prayer of the Week 30 May 2021

Wonderful God, as we gaze at the miracle of your world, intricate and interconnected,
huge in scope, microscopic in detail, we are amazed.
We wonder that you love each one of us, seeing us, knowing us
and filling us with the breath of life.
You hold us in being moment by moment.
Help us to worship you as mystery, to hug you as friend,
and with you, to care for the whole of creation.

Prayer of the Week 23 May 2021

Spirit of God, come to us now,
so that, in this time of Pentecost,
the sparkling light of faith,
the rushing wind of hope
and the joyful sound of praise
may echo round the world,
may echo in the church, and find their response in us.

Prayer of the Week 16 May2021

God of yesterday, tomorrow and today,
we are children of the world you love and care for.
We praise you, heavenly Father, for calling us into relationship with you.
We praise you, Lord Jesus, for the power of your name and the protection of your prayers.
We praise you, Holy Spirit, for your guidance and gifts that enable us to draw others to you.
For you are faithful in times of uncertainty, strong when we are weak,
and the breath of all our being, the energy of all our doing and the peace of all our resting.

Prayer of the Week 9 May 2021

God of all,
we give you thanks for the gift of friendship: for the giving and the receiving;
for the opportunities and the challenges; for the laughter and the tears;
for the conversations and the silence; for the moments and the memories.
Draw us deeper into your love, and bless us with the confidence
to proclaim Jesus as our dearest friend, teacher and Saviour.
We ask this in his name.

Prayer of the Week 2 May 2021

Eternal God, we come as one and we come together to draw from the source of your life giving love.
To reconnect with one another and with you.
To listen to your word.
To meet you in prayer and praise and to learn and grow as your faithful disciples in Jesus name.